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Music House was born out of one man's love for music and commitment to Quality Arts Education.
Quality Arts Education was the key and the challenge that inspired Ayman Tayseer to establish one of the nation's great performing arts centers for all groups of society. He feels a special responsibility and opportunity to support Quality Arts Education to create a cultural fabric that will be recognized for his dedication to artistic excellence generation.

As the name indicates Music House will provide not only the quality arts education but also the warmth, sensibility and true feeling at home. Music House Arts' programs will foster the type of creativity and innovation to young people. It will prepare them with the skills and knowledge they will need to contribute to society through music, dance, and theatre. We believe that the enjoyment and understanding of music and the development of skills to create and perform music enrich the quality of life, nourish the human spirit, and foster the growth of intellect, creativity, and character.


Music House is the best place to explore your talents, and we would love you to join our house with it's homey and cozy atmosphere. Music House is the largest music school in Amman, with a very convenient location. It includes private and group lessons from beginner through advanced stages with teachers of more than 30 years of experience.

Music House is a multi task school that contains:


  • Vocal center that includes: Oriental Singing, Vocals, Opera Singing, Music theory, Maqamat, Tajweed, Composition and Harmony.

  • Music school with lessons for all types of instruments: Piano, Strings, Wood Wind, Brass, Oud, Qanon and Nay.

  • Dance School with a wide variety of dancing styles: Locking and New Style Dancing, Popping,-A, Ballet, Modern dance, Contemporary Dance, Hip Hop

  • Show Room: that is dedicated to Music instruments displaying a vast range of Musical Instruments, professional products as well a wonderful collection which includes musical products such as Guitars, Drums, Pianos, Clavinovas, Keyboards, Wind Instruments and all other Musical instruments.

You will also find the highest quality musical instruments to buy at Music House

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